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Sid Hey Arnold costume : Cheap Cosplay | Closet Cosplay

Sid Hey Arnold costume : Cheap Cosplay | Closet Cosplay Nickelodeon 90s cartoons chipmunk fairy cosplay

If you're looking for another quick and easy cheap cosplay, you can definitely rock this one. I cosplayed Sid from Hey Arnold today! I am honestly kind of nervous about sharing this one with you guys since this is my first gender bender cosplay, but I am also pretty excited because I think I did I really good job of looking like a guy (minus the boobs even though some guys have man boobs). Anyway, this Hey Arnold costume was pretty easy to put together. I would definitely consider this costume a "Closet Cosplay" because most of the items for Sid from Hey Arnold can be found in your closet. So let me tell you about the details for my Hey Arnold costume.

If you don't feel like reading this information, you can also head on over to the video I made for this costume.

Now let's jump into this closet cosplay for Sid from Hey Arnold.

Sid Hey Arnold costume : Cheap Cosplay | Closet Cosplay Nickelodeon 90s cartoons chipmunk fairy cosplay

Sid's outfit consists of a white shirt, blue jeans, white shoes, leather jacket, and a green snapback hat which he wears backwards.

Check out my mini dance video that I made for Sid from Hey Arnold. LOL

Most people own a white shirt, but for some reason I do not. >_> I borrowed one of my brother's shirts for this cosplay, but you guys can buy a white shirt from Walmart for under $6. I know some of you are thinking, "I could buy a pack of undershirts for a decent price and those could work for this cosplay as well as for layering underneath my clothes." I honestly would not suggest buying one of those packs of undershirts with the 4-6 shirts within a pack unless you need it for the purpose of layering. The undershirts tend to be see definitely just buy one shirt for $6 instead of one of those packs of undershirts for $6-8. You could also probably find a white t-shirt at a thrift store as well.

jeans gif
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As for the jeans, I have purchased my jeans from a variety of different places. Most of my jeans are probably 4+ years old. However if you are in the market for jeans, I have heard that Old Navy has some pretty decent jeans. You guys can also head on over to your nearest thrift store to buy some jeans. I say this mainly for the men because whenever I go to the thrift store there are always rows upon rows of men's jeans for under $12. As for the ladies, depending on your thrift store you maybe able to find jeans. I always have a hard time finding a pair in my size unfortunately, but maybe you guys will have better luck than I do in that department.

Sid Hey Arnold costume : Cheap Cosplay | Closet Cosplay Nickelodeon sid beatle shoes
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Sid loved his Beatle boots! He even cried when they were stolen from him. You can honestly get away with just wearing some white sneakers for this costume. However you can buy some white boots if you really want to go for the entire Sid Hey Arnold outfit. You can purchase white boots on Amazon for a decent price. Depending on the time of year, you may also be able to find some white boots at places like DSW or even Payless.

Sid Hey Arnold costume : Cheap Cosplay | Closet Cosplay Nickelodeon 90s cartoons

Even though Sid wears a leather jacket, I definitely can not afford a real leather jacket. I have rocked pleather all of my life.


I bought this "leather" jacket last year from Rainbow when they were having a clearance sale. I want to say I bought it for around $10. You can definitely buy a leather jacket from Amazon, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, or even eBay. I would also suggest going to a thrift store too. I usually find leather jackets in thrift stores a lot around the Fall and Spring seasons. They are usually in the men's section for under $12.

Sid Hey Arnold costume : Cheap Cosplay | Closet Cosplay Nickelodeon 90s cartoons

The last thing that you need for this Hey Arnold costume would be Sid's green snapback hat. If you don't have one and feel like spending the money, you can purchase a green snapback hat from Lids. However you can also find one at a beauty supply store for under $16. I didn't feel like leaving the house when I thought about creating this cosplay so of course... I resorted to buying my green snapback on Amazon. A lot of them are under $14. Once you put on the hat, you have completed your Sid Hey Arnold cosplay!!!!

Sid Hey Arnold costume : Cheap Cosplay | Closet Cosplay Nickelodeon 90s cartoons chipmunk fairy cosplay

This is definitely one of the easiest and cheapest Halloween costumes you can create as well. If you don't have the money to splurge on a costume or if you are cosplaying on a budget, this is a character that you can definitely rock with ease.

I hope this cosplay tutorial was helpful for you guys. It is one of the simplest diy cosplays that you can do without spending a lot of money or even any money.

If you guys end up cosplaying Sid from Hey Arnold or any other Hey Arnold characters, I would love to see them. Leave a comment down below with a link to your Instagram picture.

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