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I sold my used textbooks!! | Textbook Recycling Review

I sold my used textbooks!! | Textbook Recycling Review

I know a lot of you college students probably wonder what to do with the used textbooks that you have bought for school. Well, you can definitely resale your books to a few companies like Amazon. I have yet to actually try Amazon's book buy back program, but I have tried a company called Textbook recycling a multiple times. Today I wanted to talk with you guys about Textbook Recycling.

Textbook Recycling is a company that sells as well as buys books.The process of selling textbooks to them is fairly easy.

How to process your books

You type in the ISBN number for your books that you would like to ship to the company. You have about a week and a half to ship your books for the quoted price of how much the book is worth. The price that you can receive could change if you do not ship the books within the time frame given from the date in which you submitted the books that you would like to ship to Textbook Recycling.

Then you choose how you would like to receive your payment. I believe it is either by check or buy Paypal. I always opt in for the Paypal option because it is the quickest method for me to receive my payment.

Once you confirm the books that you would like to ship as well as the method of payment, you are sent a confirmation notice. You are then able to print off the shipping label for your books to ship to Textbook Recycling. In the past of me using this company, they have had me ship through UPS and Fed Ex. When I shipped through Textbook Recycling recently, they had me ship through USPS.

I sold my used textbooks!! | Textbook Recycling Review
Textbook Recycling Review 1017

Textbook Recycling also gives you information about how they would like for you to package your books like not placing print paper in the box with the books that you would like to ship to them. I tend to use boxes from old purchases, but you guys can also buy these types of boxes. I have shipped a lot of things with these boxes and they're pretty sturdy to use.

I sold my used textbooks!! | Textbook Recycling Review
Buy boxes on Amazon.

Shipping my books to Textbook Recycling

I shipped my textbooks to Textbook Recycling on Monday, October 23rd, 2017 through USPS around 5:30 PM. Surprisingly, the process was pretty quick and it took me only 2 minutes to drop my book off. I received an email expressing that my book had reached the Textbook Recycling facility on Thursday, October 26th. Textbook Recycling sent me another email that said I'd be paid by Paypal in 1 to 3 days as they processed and checked my book to make sure it was a decent quality book. I received the quoted payment for my textbook on Friday, October 27th. It took 4 days for me to receive payment for my shipped book which was pretty awesome.

Confirmation of Paypal payment

Textbook recycling paypal payment confirmation review
Textbook Recycling payment sent to Paypal

Overall, I would definitely suggest using Textbook Recycling if you are looking for a place to resale your textbooks too. They're pretty fast with their processing.