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My Cosplay Goals for 2018 | Costumes, Anime, Followers, & Patreon

My Cosplay Goals for 2018 | Costumes, Anime, Followers, & Patreon Chipmunk Fairy Cosplay
My Cosplay Goals for 2018 | Costumes, Anime, Followers, & Patreon

Last year, I did not have any actual cosplays goals. So this year I figured that with establishing some set goals I will probably be more motivated to complete some cosplays.

So here are my cosplay goals for 2018!

Post 1 or even 2 cosplays every month.
I didn't post many cosplays last year, but this year I definitely want to focus more on creating more content for my cosplays.

Cosplay a Disney villain.
I am not sure what Disney villain I will cosplay yet.

Create armor for a cosplay.
I kind of want to do a character alteration with armor, but I am not sure.

Create a thrifted cosplay.
I am pretty cheap so I plan on creating a thrifted cosplay.

Cosplay an anime villain.
I kind of want to cosplay a villain from Yu-Gi-Oh!, but I am still debating on it.

Cosplay a Pokemon character or two.
I definitely plan on cosplaying Pikachu next year.

Cosplay a magical girl.
I know I am for sure cosplaying a Sailor Scout from Sailor Moon.

Cosplay a pony from My Little Pony.
I love Fluttershy, but I am debating on which My Little Pony that I may cosplay.

Take better cosplay photos.
I want to start taking decent quality cosplay pictures next year.

Make tutorials and cosplay shorts for every cosplay I do next year.
I feel like doing tutorials on here and on Youtube would help other people be able to cosplay on a budget if they are interested in cosplaying. I also want to do shorts just because I think it'd be fun.

Gain a ton more likes on my Chipmunk Fairy Cosplay page.
My 2018 goal for my Chipmunk Fairy cosplay page is 9,000 likes. I currently have 488 likes.
I am not going to lie... I think running Facebook ads would help me reach people interested in my cosplays, but we'll see. 

Start my Patreon to support my cosplaying, video content, and blog.

I would like to have around 24 Patreon members by the end of the year, but in reality I feel like 10 Patreon supporters would be reasonable. I already have created my tiers, but I just want to get into the habit of creating more content before I create my Patreon.

Use costumes from past cosplays I've done for other projects.
I don't want to just let my costumes just sit and not be productive considering I spent money on them. I hope to do something with them this year.

Now that I have shared with you guys my cosplay goals for this year, I would like for you all to chime in and tell me your cosplay goals!

Are there any cosplays you plan on creating this year?
Any of you starting a Patreon or have any Patreon goals for this year?
Any likes or follower goals you are setting for this year?
Leave a comment down below and let me know.

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