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February Goals: Instagram, Cosplay, College, & Clothes | Monthly Goals

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It's February already you guys! I can't even believe it. I still don't even believe that it is 2018, but anyway I hope you guys are doing well and have been being productive so far this year. I figured I would share with you guys my goals for February 2018. Hopefully I can stay on task and get these things done.

So here are my goals for February!

Delete photos from my Instagram page.

I actually did this today. I am ahead of the game, but anyway I decided to revamp my Instagram page and start over because I haven't been focused on growing my Instagram page. One of the things I read was to create a theme for your Instagram. So I deleted a ton of photos and I am about to start working on creating my them so I can acquire more engagement as well as a steady amount of followers.

I'll let you guys know how it goes in the future as I progress with building my Instagram following.

Start Fashion blogging and post at least 30 photos on Instagram this month.

I created a few Instagram topics for me to focus on that I am excited about. So I am looking forward to going through with them as well as sharing some more outfit ideas with you guys. I never end up updating my Instagram page the way that I should, but I feel like if I set aside maybe 3 days out of the month to take a ton of photos and then edit I will have a decent amount of material to work with for the month.

Post at least 10 videos on Youtube this month.

I have currently just been doing video reviews focused on the Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card anime, but this month I want to discuss other topics. I definitely will create a few fashion videos as well as product review videos. I currently have 214 subscribers, but it would be nice to get even more subscribers this month. I also just bought a camcorder and a tripod off of Amazon. I am super excited about using it.

Make at least 8 posts on this blog.

Last month I only made 3 blog posts. I definitely dropped the ball. I need to do more this month. I have a lot of topics that I can write about this month which I plan on hopefully ranking in Google's search engine.

Finish strong with the two classes I am taking right now.

I am currently taking a Professional Speech and a Psychology of Gender class. They both have been interesting, especially the Gender class. I am hoping I can do well and pass the both of them with a B, but we'll see what happens. Then I have 2 more classes to take and I graduate!! I am so excited, but also terrified because I have no idea what I want to do with my Psychology degree and I am dreading paying back those student loans I have acquired as well.

Run a Facebook ad.

I have been planning on running a Facebook ad for a long time and this month I am finally going to go through with it. I'll let you guys know how it turns out.

Go to a new restaurant.

I plan on going to a new Chinese food restaurant with my boyfriend on Valentine's Day. I already have my dress picked out!! (laughs to self)

Start working out this month heavily.

I keep starting my workouts and then stopping after about 3 weeks. I need to keep up with it. I figure if I make Youtube updates with me trying different workouts, it will help me to stay consistent.

Post 2 cosplays this month.

I have majority of my cosplays lined up for the next 6 months. I hope to gain some more interaction and engagement with other people interested in cosplay on my social media.

Edit my header on my Facebook cosplay page.

I am not sure what photos I will use for it, but I am going to do a few photoshoots this month.

Give more clothes away.

I have been trying to consistently get rid of clothes that I do not wear or struggle to fit in. So I drop them off at the Salvation Army. It's a pretty quick process.

Last month social media stats compared to this months stats + goals for February

Facebook - Last month (488)   current: 490 [goal - 600]
Instagram - Last month (613)   current: 612 [goal - 900]
Twitter -  Last month (54)   current: 69 [goal -  90]
Pinterest -  Last month (1,902)   current: 2054 [goal - 2150]
Youtube - Last month (206)   current: 214 [goal - 300]

So those are my goals for this month. Hopefully I can accomplish all of them.

Do you guys have goals for February?? 
Leave a comment down below and let me know your goals for the month!