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33 Gorgeous 4c Natural Hair Styles to Try

33 Gorgeous 4c Natural Hair Styles to Try - 4c hair youtube tutorial
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I am always looking for some 4c hair styles to try. I'll be honest, I am pretty lazy with doing my hair. I usually stick with wearing my hair in braids or bantu knots, but sometimes I feel like switching it up and trying a new style. I stay watching women on Youtube as they show the world how to do different hair styles with their 4c hair. So I decided to share with you guys some of the ones that I love!

I hope these are helpful because I am definitely going to try all of these out myself!!

I love the frohawk that she does!

I love the idea of incorporating a headband. I need to go to the beauty supply store and buy some.

I never realized how many styles could be done when you wear twists. Whenever I do twists I end up doing chunky twists, but I need to do smaller ones.

The afro puff with the bang is extremely cute. I hope that when I do this my bangs look okay. I'll definitely be using a decent amount of bobby pins to keep my bangs down.

At first glance, this style looks like it would be difficult to accomplish. When she breaks it down how she used elastic bands to hold the twists in place, she makes it look so easy to do.

I feel like I need my hair to be a bit longer to do this style, but it's cute!

I could see myself wearing my hair like this for majority of the Summer time.

I may try to do this with the length that my hair is now, but I will probably add some hair into the bun.

I love how she revamps the looks by adding the two twists in the front. I'll probably do braids whenever I try out these styles.

Share some of your favorite natural hair vloggers and Instagrammers with me by leaving a comment down below or if you create natural hair videos, share them with me.

I'd love to check them out!!!