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Time to Grow!!!! | March Goals (Social Media, School, Life)

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Hey you guys!! It's March already and it is time for me to share with you some goals that I have for this month. I feel like last month I potentially set my goals a bit too high, but for this month I plan on doing mostly everything that I have on this list. 

So here's what I have planned for this month!

Social Media and Online Blog

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Post at least 8x on my blog.

I already have my topics to write about and I am hoping that I can post all of them this month.

Write at least 4 posts focused on SEO.

I usually do not pay attention to SEO too much, but I definitely should. I noticed a couple of my pages are ranking on the first page of Google. So I am going to try to share 4 SEO focused posts a month to gain more traffic and to help more people.

Network all of my blog posts on the platforms I use.

I plan on using everything; Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Instagram, & Twitter. 

Post at least 4 outfit posts this month.

I keep saying that I will do outfit posts with me showing you guys my own style, but I never do. So I am going to stick to it this month.


Post content to group boards.

I rarely ever use the group boards I have for my own content. I definitely need to post my stuff on group boards to see what works.

Join more group boards.

Sign up and use Tailwind for a month.
I have been hearing about Tailwind for a long time, but I have been hesistant to use it. This month I am just going to go ahead and invest in Tailwind. I am hoping to gain more traffic to my website and even more exposure to my Pinterest.

Buy a $10 Pinterest ad.

This is also something that I have been steadily trying to study to find more information about. So I am finally going to jump in and see how purchasing a Pinterest ad for a particular Pin grows either traffic or sales. I am currently debating.

Current followers on my Pinterest: 2086
Follower goals: Gain 20 more followers.


Post at least 8x on Instagram.
I have ideas for what I want to post and hopefully I can take decent photos.

Use hashtags.

I always use hashtags for my posts. If it weren't for hashtags, I doubt I'd get any likes or comments. However, I need to be more strategic about the hashtags that I use. So I plan on testing out different things to see what works.

Check out some of the hashtags that you can use for your Instagram here.

Comment on @ least 700 Instagram photos.

I plan on doing this to see if it helps to increase my following on Instagram. I am sure I will have to do way more than this, but I plan on building up to that. I figure if I do about 50-75 comments on at least 4 days out of every week of March, I could see if commenting on Instagram photos helps build my following. 

Currently: 617
Follower goals: Gain at least 100 new followers.


Post at least 3 new photos on Facebook page.

I was supposed to post some cosplays last month, but I have been having some technical difficulties. So this month I have actually planned my cosplays out and I plan on having them ready to be posted by Monday next week.

Share photos to group boards.

I haven't shared any photos to a group board in awhile. I definitely plan on doing that a decent amount this month.

Currently: 489
Follower goals: Gain at least 20 likes.


I plan on commenting at least 20x on Reddit this month.

I started commenting on Reddit last month and it was cool to join in on conversations of things that I was interested in. I also liked seeing what other people were talking about as well. Plus I loved a lot of the content that people were sharing in some of  the subreddit forums that I am apart of. I am hoping that I can continue staying active on Reddit.

Post on Reddit at least twice.

I was examining what other people were doing and I am thinking that I will share photos directly from my Instagram page. Hopefully that could potentially increase my following.


Post at least 5 videos on Youtube this month.

I already have my line up of videos ready. 

Post content focused on things that people search for and want to know.

One of the things that I have been messing up with Youtube is posting content that I like instead of content that other people like or just other content that is helpful in general. I figure if I do a mixture of things that I like as well as things that other people are interested in, maybe I can gain a following and introduce people to stuff that I like. I am hoping that maybe they will like those things too as well.

Currently: 219
Follower goals: Gain at least 50 new followers.


Post consistently on my Twitter.

I plan on updating my Twitter with most likely random quotes and such if I have nothing much to say.

Share my content on Twitter.

I do not really share my blog posts on Twitter that often. I have gained views from sharing my content on Twitter. I am hoping with the blog content that I plan on posting this month that I can acquire more Twitter followers that could be interested in my content.

Currently 71 followers.
Follower goals: Gain at least 10 new followers.


Sign up for another email.

I plan on using a different email for all of my stuff in relation to my blog. So I plan on creating a new email this month.



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I am finishing up 2 of my classes this weekend and you guys, I am so happy. I just have 2 more classes left until I graduate which I start next week. I am dreading paying student loans, but I am so excited that I will be having my degree. ^_^

Do well in my last classes.

My semester ends in May, but I want to kick off these classes with a great start by doing really well.

Complete 2 scholarship applications.

So I have had 2 people tell me to complete any undergraduate scholarships that are available to me. In my past 4-5 years of college, I did not ever fill out anything for a scholarship and I am kind of dreading that I did not. However, I guess I will just see what happens. If they give me the scholarship money, I am hoping I can put it towards this last semester at the very least so that I can knock the money I took out for those loans at the very least or I am hoping that they will let me do that anyway.


Personal life

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Try tae bo for a month.

I plan on doing tae bo for the entire month. I want to do it 4x a day and I will check back in with my results. It'll most likely be in video form.

Buy at least 10 storage boxes.

I need to really get my life more organized. I have clothes everywhere so I definitely need to pack some of them away into boxes. I am thinking I can find some affordable ones at either Walmart or Big Lots.

Create 5 shirt designs and market them.

I plan on using Pinterest as well as marketing on my other platforms.


So that concludes everything that I am hoping I can complete this month. I won't lie to you guys, sometimes I am really bad with keeping up with my goals and I think that it is because I do not really see the goals written down in front of me that I set for myself on a regular basis. I think that I may invest in a big board to write down everything that I need to do so that I can see it everyday and have a focus. Also to check mark it off as go on throughout the days.

Also if you guys would like to share your goals for March with me, leave a comment down below with a link to your blog because I would love to see them!

I hope you all have a blessed and productive month!