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11 Dresses I Want Right Now!

11 Summer dresses I want - summer fashion 90s outfits
11 Dresses I Want Right Now

I love online shopping! I am always looking for new dresses to buy even though they usually tend to wind up in a cart for about a good 3 months. Anyway, I found 11 dresses that I figured you guys might like and want to buy too. These dresses would be perfect for the Spring and Summer time as well as for transitioning to the Fall season. So I hope you guys like them!

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kawaii outfit - Sleeveless Scoop Midi A Line Tank Dress kawaii summer dress
Sleeveless Scoop Midi A Line Tank Dress

This floral dress looks great and I would definitely wear it with a nice cardigan and some sky blue flat shoes.

90s fashion strappy dress
Strappy dress

I feel like you could wear this dress just like this or you could layer it over a shirt and wear a choker with it. It would definitely provide some 90s fashion vibes.

plaid dress 90s fashion grunge outfit
plaid dress
I love plaid dresses so much! This would probably be a dress I wore all the time. I could see myself wearing this with a black leather jacket.

tank dress - summer dresses I want right now
tank skater dress

This is another dress that I would probably layer over a shirt or I would wear a plaid flannel shirt over it.

Disneybound Cinderella dress closet cosplay Disney
sky blue dress

This sky blue dress gives me Cinderella vibes. I would probably do a Disneybound closet cosplay of Cinderella with this one.

Fran Drescher - The Nanny dress closet cosplay 90s fashion 90s outfit
The Fran Drescher - The Nanny dress

I feel like I strongly recall seeing Fran Drescher in a dress like this on the sitcom The Nanny. This is definitely giving me some 90s fashion vibes.

vintage rockability dress 1950s fashion - Amazon dresses I want
Vintage Rockability Dress

This is extremely vibrant, but I like it. I've never owned a roackability dress, but I do really want one and this one would be amazing.

black overalls dress - Forever 21 dresses I want 90s fashion 90s outfit
black overall dress

This is 90s fashion aesthetic!! Overalls and overall dresses were everywhere in the 90s. I love the way this model is wearing this overall dress. I would wear it the exact same way.

Powerpuff Girls Buttercup closet cosplay Rockability dress vintage fashion
Powerpuff Girls Buttercup Rockability dress

I know you guys might laugh, but this dress heavily reminds me of Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls. If I ever get this dress, I am so doing a rockability closet cosplayof Buttercup.

90s fashion jumper skirt - Dresses I want right now 90s outfit
jumper skirt

This also reminds me of 90's fashion. I adore jumper skirts/suspender skirts and this one is perfection. I would wear it similarly to the model, but I would probably swap the shoes for some Mary Jane flats.

yellow long sleeve dress - Spring Dresses I want right now
long sleeve yellow dress

This is just a cute dress that I could see myself wearing with a black choker, skinny black belt, a black leather jacket, and my black Spinelli boots. I would even wear some black lipstick and my hoop earrings to pull it altogether.

I hope you guys liked the dresses that I found.

Which one is your favorite?
Let me know by leaving a comment down below of which one you like and even share with me how you would wear it too!