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It's time to grow!! | April Goals

April goals 2018
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It's April already!! I can't believe how fast this year is going. To start this month off right, I figured I would share my goals for the month with you guys.

So here are my current social media stats.

Facebook - 487 likes
Instagram - 610 followers
Pinterest - 2,133 followers
Twitter - 72 followers
Youtube - 224 subscribers

I'll be honest, I have not been doing much on anything except Pinterest. I definitely need to do better with updating all of my social media channels.

Gain at least 100 new followers on each social media outlet.

Pinterest is the only social media channel that I have been consistently gaining followers from and it is most likely because I actually stay consistently active on it in comparison to my other social media outlets. I need to do better with updating each channel with new content instead of sporadically updating.

Maintain A's in my last two classes of college.

I graduate college next month and so far I am doing well in my last 2 classes even though I am nervous about them. Pharmacology is pretty hard with evaluating medications. My Senior Seminar: Psychology class has been going well though. I am nervous about creating a research proposal, but I think I will do well on it... I think.

Continue using Tailwind.

I have been using Tailwind for about 2-3 weeks now. I will share with you guys how it has affected my blog and increased my engagement on Pinterest.

Gain more traffic. 

I would like to increase my traffic to my website to 7,000 more views than I already have now this month. I am hoping that I can do that and maintain those views consistently.

Post 7 more SEO articles.

In order to increase traffic, it would be ideal to create more SEO focused content since that is the content that gets me the most views. I plan on creating at least 7 more SEO focused content and I am hoping that it will increase my traffic a lot.

Post at least 12x on my blog.

I already have a list of blog topics that I plan on discussing on my blog this month and I am hoping that my readers will enjoy the content that I create.

Things I Need to work on this month

I keep dropping the ball a lot with increasing my Instagram. I definitely need to start taking photos ahead of time and having photos in my phone to update my Instagram with as well as my Twitter on a consistent basis. I would like to post 30x a month on Instagram, but I never do. I need to do better about updating my Instagram page. So I plan on taking a variety of photos this week to make it easier for me to update my Instagram.

So those are my goals for the month and I hope to reach them all. What your goals are for this month?? Leave a comment down below and let me know!