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Tried It: L'Oreal Paris Nourish & Soften Pure-Sugar Scrub Review

L'Oreal Paris Nourish & Soften Pure-Sugar Scrub Review from Influenster
L'Oreal Paris Nourish & Soften Pure-Sugar Scrub Review

I love a good scrub for my face to make it feel softer and to remove any dead skin that maybe on my skin. I was super happy when I found out that I was in Influenster's newest voxbox campaign for the L'Oreal Paris Pure-Sugar Scrub. The scrub comes in three different categories; Nourish & Soften, Purify & Unclog, Smooth & Glow. The one that I received was the Nourish & Soften which is great because I needed some nourishing and softening for my skin. I have been using this scrub for the past three weeks and I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on the L'Oreal Paris Nourish & Soften Pure-Sugar Scrub.

The pure-sugar scrub has brown, blonde, and white sugars within it. These sugars combined together can gently exfoliate the skin. Cocoa, coconut oil, and cocoa butter are also within this scrub to help smoothen skin and remove impurities as well as make skin look healthier.

1st impressions

L'Oreal Paris Nourish & Soften Pure-Sugar Scrub Review from Influenster
I tried L'Oreal Paris Nourish & Soften Pure-Sugar Scrub compliments of Influenster.

I love the texture of the scrub and the way it feels on my skin as I rub it all over my face. I applied it to my face making sure to focus on my T-zone as well as the corners of my nose which is where I have a lot of oil build up throughout the day and dead skin. After I rinsed it off, my skin smelled and felt wonderful. It surprisingly felt extremely soft and it didn't feel dry. One issue that I have had in the past with using scrubs involved my face being really dry, but this scrub actually makes it feel moisturized to the point where I did not need to apply any moisturizer to my face after using it. It was very easy to rinse off too.


Firstly, I want to say that this scrub smells absolutely amazing. I wish there was a lotion that smelled like this because I would wear it on my face all the time even though it kind of made me want to bake cookies a bit.

L'Oreal Paris Nourish & Soften Pure-Sugar Scrub Review from Influenster
L'Oreal Paris Nourish & Soften Pure-Sugar Scrub Review

After 3 weeks of use...

I used it about 3x a week. In total, I used it 9x and I did notice some changes. My skin does feel much smoother and I do not have as much dead skin. My boyfriend also kept smelling my face so it is safe to say that the scent is pretty much amazing as I mentioned before. I love that I haven't really had to use moisturizer when using this scrub at night, but the days in which I used it at the start of my day I did have to apply moisturizer since it is still pretty cold in Michigan right now. I can not say whether my skin is glowing too much, but it does look a bit clearer. I have to acknowledge the fact that I have been drinking much more water though, but overall I will continue to use this scrub.

**I received this product complimentary from Influenster to review.

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