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23 Red Lipstick Makeup Looks | Makeup Inspiration

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Red lipstick is one of the most vibrant things you can wear. Honestly you could wear the lipstick as an accessory to make your look stand out. I decided to find some Instagram makeup looks with red lipstick for you guys to give you some inspiration for the next time you want to wear red lipstick.

Check out these lovely ladies rocking their red lipstick makeup looks. 
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I feel like the earrings really make this look πŸ₯€πŸ—‘πŸ₯€πŸ—‘πŸ₯€ Ruthless. Dagger & Roses Earrings @regalrose EYES:@limecrimemakeup Venus XL palette. @anastasiabeverlyhills Brow Pomade in Ash Brown. @rouge.and.rogue in Lady Killer Use code 'RACHELGEORGINA' for some πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ @limecrimemakeup Diamond Dew in Pixie. ______ FACE: Foundation @baremineralsuk Bare Pro in Fair 01 @Katvondbeauty Blotting Power in Fair. @tartecosmetics Shape Tape in Fair. @katvondbeauty Lock-It Concealer in White Out. Highlight @urbandecaycosmetics Naked Illuminated. @anastasiabeverlyhills Glow kit in Aurora. @illamasqua blush in Sophie. _____ LIPS: @limecrimemakeup lime crime lip velvetine feelings. WIG:Black Pearl Lace Front Wig @UniWigs #UniWigs Use Code 'Rachel20' for money off!!πŸ’° #abh #katvond #katvondbeauty #kvdlook #illamasquaskinbase #illamasqua #anastasiabeverlyhills #KVD #urbandecay #urbandecayallnighterfoundation #tartecosmetics #tarteshapetapeconcealer #eyeko #eyekolondon #toofaced #toofacedlovelight #anastasiabeverlyhills #abh #urbandecay #anastasiabeverlyhills #abh #limecrime #limecrimemakeup #limecrimevenus #limecrimevenusxl
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Filming a couple videos but heres a selfie to say hello. Who else txts their bff to help them choose a pic before posting ? Lol @betaniamorrison. Also I cant go without saying how THANKFUL I am for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. Ive been showered with soo much love and support even more then lately and im just soo geeked out. Our family is growing so much. Ive been running into a couple of you IN PR πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·which is insane. I love ya! And those that see me and then message me that you were afraid to say hi please DONT BE. I will want to hug you lol!❤️❤️ LIPS: @esteelauder Quiet Riot Contacts : @ttd_eye @tolytolly Gaea Brown - - - - - - - #fauxlocs #afrolatina #protectivestyles #curlyhair #healthyhairjourney #contactlenses #naturalhair #blackgirlsrock #afrolatina #puertorico #dominican #caribbeangirls #fauxlocs #braidsgang
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a lot of people have always told me i had an androgynous face due to how structured/pointed my face was which is opposite of a soft feminine face. i avoided anything that would contour my face or make it look more “sharp” because i didn’t like when people compared me to looking like a boy. there was a time where i had a complete buzz cut (2015 did not treat me well) and would constantly be called a boy if i wasn’t wearing makeup to somehow “compensate” for my femininity. i used to watch a ton of videos of plastic surgery people do in Korea where they soften faces up by shaving down jawlines and chins etc.. in middle school and would literally have dreams about getting plastic surgery at the age of 13. overall im just indecisive on how i feel about my face. there are times where i genuinely feel like i have a masculine face and other times where i feel like it looks super feminine. idk why i wrote this but i have never talked to anyone who has ever gone through this because i don’t know anyone with an “androgynous” face. if u have an androgynous face u should uhhhhhh dm me or comment bc im tryna hear some pros about it because im at a point where i hate my face for not looking as feminine as i want it to be so that’s tite. (edit: im not trying to act “trendy” by “acting” insecure ive always been like this everyone who knows me personally knows this i made this post to try and find other people with similar “features” to HELP ME stop this thought process no need to be rude to me or dismiss my feelings towards how i feel about myself thank you (: )
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What were your favorite red lipstick makeup looks?
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