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Photo Scavenger Hunt | Summer Edition

Photo Scavenger Hunt | Summer Edition
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It's time for a photo scavenger hunt! This is a great activity for the Summer time. Find these items and take pictures of them. Don't forget to share them with other people on Instagram and all of your other social media. 

So let's jump into the Photo Scavenger Hunt for the Summertime.

- a person riding their bike

I usually see at least 1 person riding their bike everyday.

- a butterfly

Butterflies are around throughout the Summertime. Take a picture of one or even different ones.

- a dog

Everyone will be walking their dog in the neighborhood.

- roses

I love seeing gorgeous roses. Take a photo of some and even buy some if you are a rose lover like me.

- a puddle

The Summer rain always leaves the best puddles.

- your reflection in someone's sunglasses

I thought of this one while watching an episode of Bob's Burgers.

- a person skateboarding

I love seeing people skateboard down the street. I still kind of want to learn myself.

- pose with a mannequin

Head to the mall or a nearby boutique and pose with a mannequin!

- pose by a fountain

Make a wish and toss a coin in when you're done.

- someone taking a picture of something else

Take a photo of one of your friends or family members taking their own pictures.

- a book you want to read

Head to your nearest bookstore and take a photo of a book that you want to read or a book that you are reading this Summer.

- a statue

Take a photo with a statue.

- your shadow

Does your shadow/silhouette remind you of something other than...well your body? Take a picture.

- something that reminds you of a Summer memory from your childhood

Whether it is an outside activity, a toy, or a cartoon show, share it with everyone.

- something that reminds you of your favorite Summer song

Take a photo and then leave a lyric to your favorite song when you share the photo on Instagram or Facebook.

- a new food you tried this summer

Show us something new that you liked that you tried this Summer. Take a selfie with it.

- a food you love to eat in the Summer

I love banana popsicles and fruit salad in the Summertime.

- a big tree

Do you ever sit under a weeping willow tree or is there are big tree that you love seeing in your neighborhood? Take a photo of it!

- the sky

What do the clouds look like? Share with everyone what you see in the sky.

- a fruit you're eating this summer

Take a selfie of a fruit you love to eat in the Summer.

- a sign with your city's name on it

If you can, have someone else take the photo so you can stand in the picture.

- chalk art you found

I always see random chalk art in the park and in the neighborhood. Take a photo of some of the chalk art you see.

- something you created

Did you cook something new? Paint a picture? Crochet something? Sew something?
Take a picture and share it with the world.

- mural you found on or inside of a building

Are there any murals in your area? Take some pictures of the ones you like.

- a food truck 

Any food trucks you love to eat from in the Summer? Any that you are thinking about trying?
Share it!

- a pool

Do you plan on swimming this Summer?

- a sandcastle

Go to the beach and build a sandcastle!

Photo Scavenger Hunt | Summer Edition
Photo Scavenger Hunt | Summer Edition

Are any of you guys going to complete this Photo Scavenger Hunt? 
Let me know by leaving a comment down below.