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I went to a wedding reception - Life of an Introvert

I went to a wedding reception - Life of an Introvert
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I am going to be completely honest. I dread going to weddings or I used to. In the past when I attended weddings, I always felt very out of place. Mainly it was because I really wanted to stay at home and not have to try to come up with the energy to engage with a bunch of people that I don't know. I like the romance of two people sharing their vows and declaring their love (even though it's in public), but it's nice when you see a couple truly in love. However, I feel like most people have weddings just to receive gifts which I completely understand. Who wouldn't want some money to celebrate their Union? I know I would. There are also other people who have weddings for appearances. Those weddings tend to be for the family, friends, and acquaintances. It's cool that people would like to celebrate, but from past experience of attending weddings there were always discussions where individuals that attended the wedding would criticize the appearance versus just being happy for the actual couple. It's probably the main reason why I wasn't a big fan of weddings in the past.

Preparing Externally and Internally

I went to a wedding reception - Life of an Introvert
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Anyway my boyfriend, Josh asked me a couple months ago if I wanted to attend a wedding with him and I said yes because I actually did want to go with him. It was our first wedding together and most activities with him are pretty fun so I agreed to go. I agonized over buying a new dress to wear for this wedding, but decided not to since I figured I potentially wouldn't wear it again and because I was broke as well as too cheap to spend almost $40 on a dress. (The most I've ever spent on a dress was probably $26 and it was on sale.)

I finally decided on what I would be wearing which was a black lined crocheted dress which was lined with a slip. My aunt had gave me that dress probably 5 years ago and it was my first time ever wearing it. I also threw on a pearl necklace that I bought from the Beauty Supply store for $1.99 and some lace tights that I purchased off of Aliexpress 3 years ago. I wore my leather jacket over it and didn't take the leather jacket off the entire night. Throughout the night I debated on taking my jacket off, but I just kept it on.

Before attending the wedding, Josh and I hung out for a bit. We watched a few episodes of The Office while eating Burger King which I probably shouldn't have eaten. However I had not eaten anything that day and I did not want to wait another 3 hours. So I stuffed my face full of a Whopper with cheese and no onions. I ate it happily. Once I was done, I put on my clothes and helped Josh pick out what he planned on wearing for the wedding. For some reason, I guess I never really realized guys question how they look too. It was interesting seeing him like that and it was kind of adorable to me.

While he was getting ready, I started charging myself. I felt kind of anxious because I knew I would be hanging out with people at this wedding. Potentially people I didn't know. I already knew that quite a few of our friends were attending the reception which was cool because that meant I potentially wouldn't have to engage and be active within communicating with other people I have never met before in life.... I honestly didn't have the energy for that and having extroverted friends keeps the attention off of me which means I don't have to actively force myself to engage with others when I kind of just want to keep to myself for a bit considering I figured it would be a lot going on.

When we reached the location of where the reception was, Josh asked if I was okay. I basically told him I was trying to boost my energy levels because I figured we would be there for about 4 hours. Before we walked towards the hotel where the reception was being held, he told me:

"I just want you to know, we can leave whenever you are ready to. We don't have to stay the entire night, okay?"

He is always considerate and all I thought was... We're going to stay for a long time because this is your friend and I know you want to celebrate his Union. So I felt the energy burst within me and I began thinking "I hope I can maintain my energy levels throughout this shindig." We saw the groom and one of our other friends. They looked extremely happy and that made me pretty happy too. I could feel all of this good energy and it actually made me more motivated to experience the rest of the night. This was honestly my first time seeing a groom in person that displayed this emotion of being in love and displayed it to everyone with a certain proud delivery. It was pretty sweet.

Our Seats

I went to a wedding reception - Life of an Introvert
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We found out we were seated at a table faraway from our friends. We were all kind of scattered out within the room at different tables. We ended up finding out that they had trouble figuring out where people would sit. That's something I actually have always wondered about. How do couples ever decide where to seat everyone at these weddings? We were seated with the minister and a couple of older people that attended their church. I felt so weird and rude because apart of me felt the urge to engage in conversation with them while the other part kept over analyzing the situation and deciding that it would be best to not engage because I didn't know how long the conversation would go on. I know... I am terrible. I hate small talk though.

However Josh decided to ask the groom once sometime passed if we could switch tables and he said it was fine. So we sat with all of our friends at one table and I must admit, it was nice. I spoke occasionally, but not much. Most of our friends are extroverts and they usually have the attention focused on them which is great because I was not feeling like entertaining at all today. It was so much going on. I just wanted to relax. I just listened to everyone else and danced in my seat a bit......initially.


I went to a wedding reception - Life of an Introvert
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I honestly wish I hadn't eaten Burger King. The food was surprisingly good or the food I tasted was good and the food they had for dinner looked good. I didn't eat any though... I was way too full. For appetizers they had chicken rolls, spring rolls, and biscuits. You could drink lemonade or tea with it. Then they served a gigantic salad which was pretty good. They had a choice between 2 different dressings; ranch and raspberry/strawberry vinegarette. For dinner they had chicken, shredded steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, and a mixture of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. They also had cupcakes, but not too many people knew about them. However, I saw the cupcakes. I was watching everything going on. Looking back I kind of wish I grabbed a cupcake, but I felt like I shouldn't get one since I only saw so many people grab one at the front of the room that we were in.

I also have to mention that they served alcohol and it was disgusting. Keep in mind that I am not an alcohol drinker. It all tastes like Robitussin and earwax to me. I tried some champagne and I decided to toast with the lemonade that I had left in my other glass. I was not about that life at all.

The People

I went to a wedding reception - Life of an Introvert
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I really loved seeing how in love the couple was though. It's always romantic to see people sharing their love and it just made me feel all warm inside. It made me feel happy that I was there and as I glanced around the room I started noticing a lot of different things as people interacted or remained silent throughout the night. Many people were happy for the beautiful couple, but I also saw a lot of yearning in many people's eyes for love too. It kind of made me a little sad I guess. It was almost bittersweet. Also I don't understand the purpose of tossing the bouquet, but if I had a wedding I would probably do that too. LOL Then again, I am leaning more towards eloping for the most part. It's cheaper and I don't have to worry about other people. 😅😅😅

The Music

I went to a wedding reception - Life of an Introvert
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I feel like the reception was one of those situations where the DJ played wholesome music since the older crowd was there and then they decided to play the reckless/hype music later as the wholesome crowd began to leave the celebration. LOL Josh and I discussed the songs that we would have a playlist already made if we had a wedding. I already know what songs I'd have to keep the party going. I'd rather dance than talk to people anyway. Gosh, I am horrible.

Everyone danced at some point of time or another whether it was as a group or as a couple. I absolutely enjoyed the dancing parts, especially when Josh asked me to dance. I felt so special y'all!! We had a romantic moment where we swayed with the music and kissed. I was squealing inside... I am pathetic.

Overall though, I had a pretty good time at the wedding. I am glad I went. I didn't have to socialize too much and I am glad because I was overthinking what to say and whether I'd have to deal with prolonged conversations, but then I realized that I didn't have to say much because other people intervened which was cool. As I have said before I dread small talk and I didn't really feel up to engaging in extended conversations. I had fun celebrating the love of a beautiful couple, spending time with friends, and creating memories. It was great, but I was so freaking happy to get home and relax.

I went to a wedding reception - Life of an Introvert
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