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36 Summer Blog Post Ideas | Blog Ideas

Summer Blog Post Ideas | Blog Ideas
36 Summer Blog Post Ideas

It's Summer! The weather is hot and there are so many different things that can be done this Summer. However, sometimes I do have a hard time deciding on what to post on my blog. It can be pretty difficult to come up with things to update your website with... So I decided to come up with some ideas that you guys can use to to update your blog with.

Check out these 36 Summer blog post ideas and let me know if you guys plan on using any of the topics! 
I'd love to read them!


- 5 Books I am Reading this Summer or Summer Reads

- Summer Book Review
Review a book that you watched this Summer.

- 5 Movies I Want to See This Summer

- Summer Movie Review
Review a movie you saw this Summer.

- 5 Shows to Binge watch This Summer

- Summer Show Review
Review a show that you watched this Summer.

- 3 Video Games I Am Playing This Summer

- Summer Video Game Review
Review a video game that you played this Summer.

- Summer Music Playlist

Summer Fashion

- 5 Swimsuits to Wear to the Beach

- Sandals I Am Loving This Summer

- My favorite Purse | Summer Edition

- What's in My Purse? | Summer Edition

- Summer Outfit Ideas

- What to Wear to a Barbecue

- What to Wear to a Picnic

- Summer Clothing Wishlist


- Summertime Makeup
Share the makeup products you used for a makeup look.

- Favorite Summer beauty products

- Summer Nail Polish

- My Favorite Perfume Scent for the Summer

- What's in my makeup bag? | Summer Edition

Summer Blog Post Ideas | Blog Ideas
36 Summer Blog Post Ideas

Food Blog Post Ideas

- Favorite Foods to Barbecue in the Summertime

- Summer Salad Recipe
Create a Summer salad recipe.

- DIY Popsicles
Share how you make your own popsicles.

- Picnic in the Park
Share what you packed for a picnic and take photos.

- Picnic on the Beach

- I made Homemade Ice Cream
Share how you made homemade ice cream.


- Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

- Summer Events In My Area

- Summer Workout

- Summer Workout Playlist

- What's In My Beach Bag?

- Favorite Summer Activities

- Summer Memories
Share one of your favorite Summer memories.

- 7 Things I Did This Summer

- I went Backyard Camping

- Summer Game Night
Share the food you made and the games you played on your game night.

- I Had a Sprinkler Party

- Summer Date Night
Share with your readers what you did and what you wore for your date night.

I hope you guys found this list to be helpful!
Let me know which Summer blog post ideas you're thinking about using by leaving a comment down below!