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BEST Summer Captions for Instagram! | Caption Ideas

Summer Captions
BEST Summer Captions for Instagram! | Caption Ideas

It's time for Summer!! I know you guys are going to be sharing your beautiful photos on Instagram and sometimes it can be hard to think of captions to say for the photos you post. I decided to come up with a few summer captions that you can potentially use for your photos as well as some Summer photo ideas that you can use to continue updating your Instagram with this Summer.

So check out these Summer Captions!

- It's the first day of Summer.

- It's the last day of Summer.

- Having fun on this hot Summer day.

- It feels like Summer...

- I'm keeping cool this Summer by...
(Share with everyone how you are keeping cool this Summer)

- "Summer, Summer, Summertime....
 Time to sit back and unwind."
Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeffy & the Fresh Prince

- A Summer in the city..

- A Summer in the country..

- "Girls of Summer" by Aerosmith 

- "Summer soft, wakes you up with a kiss to start the morning off."
 Summer Soft by Stevie Wonder

- What's your favorite ice cream to eat in the Summer?

- Summer babe

- Summer Nights

- Summertime fine

- Summer wine

- Summer Madness

- My favorite sunglasses for this summer are...

- Going swimming!!

- Beach day.

- "Summer lovin.. had me a blast. Summer lovin happened so fast.." 
 Summer Nights by John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John

- "Could you love me tonight on a warm Summer night"
 A Warm Summer Night by Chic

- I love long Summer days.

- Annoying summer peeves. 
(Mention something you dislike in the Summertime.)

- My favorite thing about Summer is....

- "Summer breeze, makes me feel fine.."
by Seals and Crofts

- Summertime fun. 

- "Hot fun in the summertime"
by Sly & the Family Stone

- I love the feeling of the Summer wind.  

- "Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of Summer"
by Nat King Cole

- Sweet Summer night

- Gothic summer style

- I love eating (insert the food you like) in the Summer.

- Summer lady, you look good to me. 
 "Summer Lady" by Santanna

- Summer lady, you are my fantasy. 
 "Summer Lady" by Santanna

- This Summer weather is everything.

- Here's what I'm reading this Summer.. 
(Show a photo of what you are reading this Summer)

- Lonely Summer Nights.

Summer Captions
BEST Summer Captions for Instagram! | Caption Ideas

- I'm walking on Sunshine.

- Catching some shade on this hot day.

- Tropical Life

- The Boys of Summer" by Don Henley

- "She looked deep into you as you lay together quiet in the grasp of dusk and summer." 
Dusk and Summer by Dashboard Confessional 

- Summer breezin'... 

- Summer chillin.. 

I hope you guys liked these ideas for Summer Captions that can be used on Instagram. 
Let me know which ones you used or are planning on using by leaving a comment down below!!