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DIY Stranger Things Costume | Eleven Cosplay

Hey you guys! I recently came up with some closet cosplays for Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things and today I am re-creating Eleven's outfits! Eleven is my favorite character from the Stranger Things series. I am looking forward to seeing season 3 and as well as seeing the 80's inspired fashion.

So time to get into these Eleven costumes!
Check them out!

The first Eleven costume comes from Season 2 when Eleven was out own her own, spending time with her long-lost sister Kali. She wore a green flannel jacket, overalls, a grey pullover shirt, and white sneakers.


I revamped the season 1 Eleven outfit that she is well-known for. I want to say last year I saw at least 10 people dressed up as Eleven and rocking this costume. I found a collared pink dressnavy blue jacket, and some knee high socks. I paired them with these white canvas sneakers.

I hope you guys found this DIY Stranger Things tutorial to be helpful. 
Let me know if you plan on dressing up as Eleven by leaving a comment down below!

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