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August Goals | Blogging, Social Media, & Online Work

August Goals | Blogging, Social Media Marketing, & Online Work
August Goals | Blogging, Social Media Marketing, & Online Work

I can't believe it is August, but it is time to share some goals that I have set for myself for this month. I hope to accomplish all of them and be able to grow more as a blogger as well as a virtual assistant.

So here are my goals for this month.

Online Work

Obtain at least 4 clients this month.

So this is going to be my first month of heavily marketing myself. I am hoping that I can put myself out there and be of service to people. I am already nervous about it and feeling uneasy about it, but it has to be done.

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Hire Me As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Network myself to at least 100 people a week to gain clients.

My goal is to market myself to 100 people a week whether I do it via email, Facebook, or other types of interaction. 

Setup a Fiverr account.

I am thinking that Fiverr will be the way to go for setting up payments and such. That way I won't have to worry about creating invoices myself. So hopefully it all works out.

Blog Goals

Create at least 7 blog posts this month.

Last month I posted 7 times and I am hoping to do it again this month. I want to focus on writing more in comparison to sharing other people's content this month though.

Market blog posts on social media.

I have gotten better at marketing my content, especially on Pinterest. I am hoping I can reach a decent amount of people. My goal is to reach about 26,000 sessions this month. So hopefully it all works out.

Social Media review + Social Media Goals


Here are my Pinterest stats for July.

1st week of July on Pinterest

The first week was my best week of pushing forward content. I pinned 316 times which was great.

2nd week of July on Pinterest

I slacked off a bit for the next week. I only posted 177 times, but my repins increase a bit.

3rd week of July on Pinterest

I was so happy when I saw the increase of repins to 4,229. 

4th week of  July on Pinterest

I was even more ecstatic when I had 5,276 repins. This is the most repins I have ever had in a week on Pinterest.

In July I pinned 882 pins, received 16,380 repins, and gained 518 followers.

Pinterest traffic increased
Pinterest traffic growth

I currently have 3196 Pinterest followers.

Pinterest Goals

Pin at least 1000 times this month.

Pin at least 300 photos from my website.

Gain at least 600 new followers.

Twitter Growth - Pop Culture Page

My Twitter Stats for my pop culture page were pretty good. My tweet impressions are extremely high which I love.

Twitter follower growth
Twitter follower growth

I receive a ton of engagement on my Twitter page because people with similar interests engage with me and I engage with them heavily. I want to build a connection with them where they see that I am an average person. I have 1320 followers on that account or at least I did last night. I think I gained 3 more followers, but I am including them in my following growth for August.

Twitter Growth - Lifestyle Twitter

I created this Twitter page in the second week of July. It wasn't a full month of growth, but it was pretty cool to have acquired so many followers in a short amount of time considering I was starting from 0. So far I haven't engaged that much on it. I just retweet other people's content.

Twitter follower growth
Twitter follower growth

Twitter Goals

Gain at least 400 new followers on both Twitter.

I am hoping I can do this. I kind of want to change it to 300 followers, but I have a strong feeling I can reach 400 people who would be interested in the topics I discuss on both pages in a month.

Engage on both Twitter accounts.

I interact with my followers on my pop culture page since they heavily engage with me, but on the lifestyle page it is much more difficult to engage. So I figure I'll have to reach out to other people on that page in particular.

Post more of my own content on both accounts.

I have been sharing other people's content and not really my own. This is something that I have to do for sure so I can show that I have something of value to contribute.


August Goals | Blogging, Social Media, & Online Work
August Goals | Blogging, Social Media, & Online Work

So those are my goals for the month of August. I have a good feeling about this month and I am extremely hopeful.

What are some of the goals that you guys have for this month?
Let me know by leaving a comment down below!