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10 Things I Want This Autumn | Fall Wish List

10 Things I Want This Autumn | Fall Wish List

It's finally Fall... even though it certainly doesn't feel like it here in Michigan. I am hoping that the weather becomes a bit cooler soon. 

So there are a couple of things that I would love to buy this Fall season and I decided to make a Fall Wish List. I was scrolling through Instagram and I found some items as well as stylish looks that I wanted to share with you guys! I also found some links to a few of the items if you guys are interested in them. 

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The first things on my list are berets and overalls. I have a black beret, but I want some more of them in every color! I've always liked them. My grandmother used to wear them all the time and I loved them. I also have some corduroy overalls that I bought a few years ago, but I would love to buy some looser ones. The ones that I have are more skinny leg like instead of a more relaxed and looser fit.

I will most likely buy some more berets on Amazon since they aren't too expensive.

As far as overalls go, I might see if there are any on Forever 21's website.


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For the Fall, I would love to wear more lipstick preferably something more burgundy toned. I was thinking about buying some of the NYX lipstick in a burgundy color.


I have absolutely nothing that is Hufflepuff related and it's my house in Hogwarts. Well sometimes it is my Hogwarts House. I either receive that or Slytherin whenever I take the quizzes. LOL Anyway, I really want this Hufflepuff shirt.

(Begins searching for Hufflepuff shirt..)

So I JUST looked up the Hufflepuff shirt on Box Lunch's website and it isn't even there. I am so bitter right now.


I love plaid skirts. I don't own any apart from the one from middle school that I don't believe I can fit now. I would love to own a plaid skirt in every color. However, I would like for them to be much longer than this one. If they were knee length, I would rock them all of the time for sure! These plaid skirts that I found are pure perfection!


Turtlenecks are one of my favorite things to wear in the Fall and Winter. They are an absolute must have in my wardrobe. I want to buy some more soon. I only have black turtlenecks. I want to add more color to my life. I'll have to buy some of these ones I found on Amazon soon.


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I am always kind of afraid to try black lipstick, but I would love to try some. Whenever I see women wearing black lipstick I feel so drawn to take a picture of them. It's like women who wear black lipstick always appear to be so confident and powerful to me. It also just makes them look extremely bad ass and I want to some how channel that myself with some black lipstick. I will probably by the black NYX Liquid Suede lipstick.


I would love to own some plaid pants. I think I feel the same way about plaid pants as I do about plaid skirts. I just want some in every color. I found a few pairs on Amazon that I want to own.


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I kind of want to try this reddish copper hair color out this Fall. I honestly will probably be afraid to be this daring...... unless I buy a wig in this color. I love the way it looks on her though. It really compliments her face.


The last thing that I would love to buy more of would be jogging suits. I haven't purchased a full jogging suit set since middle school, but some of the ones I have been seeing on Instagram look very comfortable. I grew to appreciate being extremely comfortable versus everything being a bit too tight. Some days I like things somewhat form fitting while most of the other days, I prefer my clothes to be much looser. I'll probably go on a hunt for jogging suits one of these days.


So this concludes my Fall Wish List. I honestly am not sure if I am going to buy any of these things this season if I am being completely honest. I am dreading that I have to start my payments of student loans in November so heavy. However, if any of you guys end up buying any of these items... share with me what you bought or share with me what you have on your Fall wish list!

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